Fervesque Interiors is a way of thinking that leads to the home you want to live in, rather than designing room sets you live with.

We have decades of experience and often work from blank canvas to finished stunning property. But at heart we’re creative collaborators and happiest when you’re fully engaged in the process.

We understand that black has infinite variations from overripe mulberry to absolute pitch; blue is never simply blue; white can be young, old or anything in between. 



At Fervesque we are practical perfectionists: accurate, punctual and easy to work with from our first conversation to the final polish on a flawless worktop.

Nothing is left to chance, no detail is too small to discuss and no artisan will ever be too busy to spare the time to find that elusive door handle, create a particular shade of paint or fine-tune the sound of a drawer closing.

Traditional craftsmanship and an instinct for exceptional design, handcrafted Fervesque Kitchens couldn’t be made anywhere else but Italy.



Wooden and Painted Furniture


We’re expert at turning your ideas into freestanding statement pieces and equally skilled when it comes to designing made-to-measure furniture where practicality is just as important as aesthetics.

Whether we’re creating a single bedside cabinet or furnishing an entire room, we always use beautiful antique wood as the blank canvas for original commissions.

We handcraft and hand-paint individual commissions, destined to be heirlooms of the future.



Building Projects

Turning your project into something exciting and unique takes time, creativity and interest.  Experience also plays a mjor part and that is something we have a lot of.

Our design team of professionals, craftsmen, artisans and tradespeople work closely together ensuring your project is on the right course from the outset.

We have everything covered from your initial drawings and planning to setting down the first brick. 






Call us for an informal chat to see how we can work together to create something special for your home