From Fervidus White to Fervesque

Handcrafted Fervesque Kitchens couldn’t be made anywhere else but Italy. They have Italian understanding of home in their heritage and they also reflect our own passion for the country, its art, history, language and culture. But way back in 2000, our first Italian love was a tumbled down Umbrian farmhouse we spent two years restoring and which became the inspiration for Fervidus.

Fervidus White was launched in 2001 with a three line press ad simply saying, ‘From legal matters to lampshades. A unique service to help you find your home in Italy.’ For over 16 years we’ve stayed true to our word: hunting down and restoring exceptional homes from Lake Como to the Amalfi Coast. But whether we’re working on grand villas or medieval farmhouses, waterfront apartments or historic townhouses, the one constant is traditional craftsmanship and an instinct for exceptional design. That’s down to our team of remarkable Italian artisans whose skill defines Fervidus and is now as fluent and expressive in Fervesque handmade, hand painted kitchens.