What colours will steal your heart and hold on to it for a lifetime?

A Fervesque kitchen is all about you. We don’t have a range to choose from or set sizes and shapes to limit creativity. Your kitchen is simply designed, hand built and hand painted to be as distinctive as the way you cook or how you like a cupboard door to close.

Hand-painting achieves rich depth and clarity of colour. The ironmongery we prefer is forged by metalworkers whose skills have been passed down through generations. And the carpenters hand-crafting your furniture are masters of mortise & tenon and elegant dovetail joints.

Every Fervesque kitchen is built from solid wood, sourced from ethical sawmills and chosen for its character and individuality. Tulip Wood and seasoned Poplar are the perfectly smooth blank canvases for painted finishes and Antique Pine and Aged Oak, subtle Cherrywood, Maple and Walnut invest our unpainted kitchen designs with natural authenticity.

Each kitchen always starts with a first thought and that’s when to get in touch.  So feel free to share your ideas, get a sense of who we are and the way we work. A kitchen is the heart of your home so taking time to talk about what you have in mind is where we begin at Fervesque.

Organic paint pigments mean our colour palette is limitless. And your Fervesque kitchen is always fitted by artisans who’ve been involved from the start, know each detail of the design and are only truly satisfied when the finish is completely flawless.

So what will your Fervesque kitchen look like? Which colours will steal your heart and hold on to it for a lifetime? If you are passionate about the fine points, want to discuss a single shade of white in detail or debate worktop practicalities; our undivided attention a standard feature in a Fervesque kitchen.

Let’s design your original Fervesque kitchen together

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