Italian inspired interiors


Sometimes all that’s needed to release your own creativity is a little direction or a fresh perspective. Whether it’s advice, mood boards, colour schemes or simply a second opinion on a difficult choice of fabric or floor covering

Listening to ideas and interpreting them is something we love doing.  And, tasked with refining details, uncovering impossible to find features or devising original ways to paint, light and furnish rooms; we’re in our element.

Too small, is never too small to capture our imagination and we’re as inspired by hunting down a single, perfect lamp as we are working with you on an entire renovation project.

“An absolute pleasure to work with. The results are stunning in terms of originality, design and quality”  

AR – Surrey

Each interior always starts with a first thought and that’s when to get in touch. No clock is ticking and we don’t charge by the word. So feel free to share your ideas, get a sense of who we are and the way we work.


Your home is all about you and how you want to express yourself in your own personal space

We are fluent in the language of colour.  Let’s talk soon