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Handcrafting original Italian kitchens


Da tante anni fa, translates as, ‘from many years ago’. Fervesque are true to that spirit in our traditional craftsmanship and historic techniques. But the originality of our designs lives in interpretation, not literal translation. So each hand built, hand painted kitchen we create will finds its sense of place just as easily in a minimalist urban apartment as an ancient Umbrian farmhouse.

Traditionalists? Yes.

Technophobes? Never.

Creating Fervesque kitchens from the depths of rural Italy to the centre of London isn’t possible, unless we have an excellent relationship with technology. Our fit is millimetre precise, every moving part is perfectly calibrated and we never lose sight of you at the heart of the process, so clear communication is our single, unwavering rule.

A Fervesque kitchen normally takes between 10 and 12 weeks. But disrupting the smooth flow of food and family is as unthinkable to Italians as firing up a pizza oven at lunchtime. So our artisans work to precise timelines, every stage is clearly detailed and, from first idea to installation, you’re kept in touch with your kitchen at all times.

To add to the ease, we also design and cut your worktops in tandem with your kitchen. So everything is installed in a single, seamless process. In the grand scheme of things, this might sound like a detail. But it enables us to complete your kitchen installation without any interruptions.

Disrupting the smooth flow of food and family is unthinkable to Italians

What will your original Fervesque Kitchen look like?

Let’s have a conversation soon and see.